Carpets and Rugs of Hawaii

Wool Carpets and Hawaiian Style Area Rugs

Background and Education

My background in the textile industry began many years ago. I have always believed in natural fibers and their worth in our interiors and the effect they have on our life. Never before has this been more prevalant or more important than now. I have lived “green” since 1973.

I joined the Wool Bureau in 1987 after working with world reknown architects, Michael Graves, Arata Isozaki, and Frank Gehry in developing “green” products and showrooms in the old days of interior design in the Chicago Merchandise Mart .

Michael, Arata, and Frank were instrumental in my personal beliefs and development in promoting green products before we even knew what they would eventually mean to our lives. My personal mentor, Christine Rae, was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, the most and foremost environmenlist that ever designed commercial, residential, or retail spaces.

I have worked to promote natural fibers and floor coverings within the wool industry for the past 18 years. This stems from my personal belief that what comes from the land will go back to the land. I have been a speaker and educator for ASID, ISID, and various other programs within our recognized interiors groups. After 3 years on the Board of Directors for ASID, Georgia Chapter, I was recognized as an honorary IF member for life, and given the highest award from ASID membership.

I have a degree from the Philadelphia School of Textiles, and have had the honor to speak and teach at Auburn University School of Arichtecture, Savannah School of Interior Design, Bauder College, and the Atlanta School for AIA. I am currently a Hawaii member of ASID, as I live and reside on the beautiful Island of Oahu.


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