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Hawaiian Carpets and Rugs

About Hawaiian Carpets and Rugs

This site was designed with the people of Hawaii in mind. These rugs and carpets have been hand-picked to enable you, the consumer, to choose reasonably priced Hawaiiana designs for residential and commercial use. I invite you to visit the web sites of the numerous area rugs and carpet mills I represent. These products are available for purchase through your local retailer. If assistance is needed in purchasing and installing your new floorcoverings I will be happy to put you in contact with our local team of experts.

The Wool Advantage

Questions regarding the use of natural fibers will be addressed, and I will personally walk you through the mystery of choosing the best rugs and or carpets. Wool carpets and rugs are naturally “green” and offer long lasting beauty, durability, and cleanability, far exceeding the myths of synthetics.

Experience and Reach

My 20 years of experience representing the best carpet and rug manufacturers in the world is at your disposal. (Some of these manufacturers are listed in the side bar). If you are choosing a contract or residential product or just a simple area rug, the mills and importers from Georgia, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, California, China, Tibet, Nepal, and England can offer you a vast array of products.

Aloha, Dana

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